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3Y Investment Windows Annualized (Jan 2011 to July 2022) Avg Return # of Windows Win % Max Return Min Return
SMARTPilot (Hedged) 15.40% 104 70% 29.07% 1.08%
SMARTPilot (Long) 15.63% 104 58% 30.43% 1.70%
S&P 500 14.12% 104 26.42% 2.54%

* All Time inception is 1/1/2011. Performance annualized for periods greater than one year. All performance is modified and therefore hypothetical even if derived from actual client accounts. Performance has been modified to show the effects on performance with and without our hedging overlay (see FAQs) and a lower maximum advisory fee of 1%. Please read important disclosures.

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Some questions (and answers) about your SmartPilot account

The SmartPilot strategy uses our proprietary Clone Score methodology to score and select managers with the highest performance potential. We score our universe of managers twice per year, select the 10 managers with the highest score, then, using their regulatory filings, select each managers’ three largest positions. We then equal weight the portfolio and rebalance it quarterly based on the latest crop of filings. We offer the strategy as long only or hedged (see next question).

Read more about our Clone Score methodology.

At the end of every month the strategy evaluates its allocation based on whether the S&P 500 is above or below its 200 day simple moving average.

The table below summarizes the strategy's allocation rules:

Indicator Rule Allocation
"Equity" Indicator S&P 500 closes above its 200 simple moving average at any month end. The following month the strategy will allocate 100% to an ETF that seeks to track the AlphaClone Hedge Fund Masters Index (ALFMIX) ("Equity").
"50/50" Indicator S&P 500 closes less than 12% below its 200 simple moving average at any month end. The following month the strategy will allocate 50% to Equity and 50% to US 3-month Treasury bills ("Cash"). From the 50/50 position the strategy can movie to either Equity or all Cash depending on the next month's indicator.
"Cash" Indicator" S&P 500 closes 12% or more below its 200 simple moving average at any month end. The following month the strategy will allocate 100% to Cash. From the all cash position, the strategy can move to either the 50/50 or Equity position depending on the next month's indicator.

SmartPilot strategies use the same exact long portfolio construction as our previous AlphaClone Select strategy. Specifically, we take the ten managers with the highest Clone Score and invest quarterly in the three largest holdings from each manager as disclosed in regulatory filings. The portfolio is equal weighted.

SmartPilot (Hedged) differs from AlphaClone Select in how it hedges market exposure. SmartPilot uses a cash hedge while the previous strategy used a short hedge. See these FAQs for a description of how the cash hedge works. This article will also help explain why we made the change.

Investment account clients will pay a flat annual wrap advisory fee of 1% which includes any trading commissions. Additional custodial fees may apply.

Once you open and fund your investment account. We'll give you online access to your account(s) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through your selected custodian's web-based investor portal.

Through Folio Investment’s web-based investor portal, you'll get instant access to online reporting tools, electronic statements, downloadable tax documents and more so you can directly access important information about your accounts.

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The minimum investment required to open an account at Folio Investments is $50,000. After that you can transfer funds into your account at any time and in any amount.

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