Our mission is to empower every investor to do better than okay.

It's about investing for the long term.

Our strategy combines what we believe are the best attributes of passive and active investing. It adapts like a human, but keeps steady under pressure, like a machine. There were lots of great mutual fund managers this year. But history suggests the chance that they'll be great next year is slim. And five years from now? Forget about it.


It's about investing with a net.

Investing is hard because it's risky. Our approach seeks to address the four most common risks that ordinary investors face.


Manager Risk

You found a great performing manager, then she stopped performing well.

We are constantly re-ranking an evolving set of the top hedge fund managers.


Company Risk

Your favorite stock goes down. A lot. When is the right time to sell?

Our stock portfolio is relatively broad and rebalanced quarterly.


Market Risk

Doesn't the market always go up? Like home prices, right?

Our dynamic hedge shorts the market when things go downhill.


Behavioral Risk

People take risks when the market is high and get out when it's low.

AlphaClone is algorithmic—no panicky humans are at the wheel.

It's about cutting through the noise.

There are 3x as many funds to choose from as there are stocks. Today, whether you are talking about stocks (​5000), mutual funds (10,000), hedge funds (11,000) or exchange traded funds (2,000) the sheer number of investment choices has exploded, making it extremely difficult for most investors to consistently do well.


It's about getting an investment you actually get.

We solve a really hard problem​: manager selection. We use a relatively simple, technology-driven approach. Our dataset tracks the world’s most established investment managers and their disclosed holdings. Our process first scores the managers, then combines/selects their highest conviction ideas.

Diagram_how_it_works_vertical Diagram_how_it_works

Does this really work?

You don’t have to trust us to find out — our results speak for themselves. Whether applied with a broad or narrow mandate, our strategies have historically consistently beaten their benchmarks.

Strategies with benefits.


It chooses wisely.

We solve a really hard problem​, manager selection. Our process scores the world’s most established investment managers based on their disclosed holdings.


It adapts.

Our strategies are designed to shift amongst investment opportunities (styles, factors, sectors, geographies) over time as the climate changes.


It's well exposed.

Our core strategies are designed to vary market exposure (beta) automatically to help mitigate the potential for capital loss during sustained market selloffs.

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